Addressing Common Problems Your Air Conditioner May Encounter

One of the most important devices for keeping your home comfortable is your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, these are highly complex devices, and it is possible for them to experience any number of issues while you are living in the home.

When these problems arise, your home's interior temperature can quickly plummet or rise depending on the weather, and this can create both uncomfortable and dangerous situations:

Why Is There A Puddle Of Water Around The Unit?

A routine issue that homeowners may encounter is pooling water around the base of the air conditioning unit. Often, people will assume that this is simply condensation, and while this may be the case, it could also indicate a potentially serious problem with the unit. For example, if a drainage pipe becomes clogged, this problem will likely worsen until the interior of the unit suffers damage. Also, it could indicate a leak, which could be both damaging to the unit and it could expose your yard to potentially toxic chemicals. 

If you notice this problem, you should immediately turn off the unit and attempt to locate the source of the leak. When you are unable to find a clog to remove or a leak present, this is a good sign that condensation is the culprit. You will need to closely monitor the unit to make sure that this problem does not worsen or recur on days when the humidity level is low. If this happens, contact an experienced professional to inspect and repair the system. 

How Can You Stop The Exterior Unit From Icing Over?

Another common problem that you may encounter is an exterior unit that is icing over. When your unit encounters this issue, a thick layer of ice will form on the outside of the unit, and this will prevent air from being able to circulate through it. In addition to preventing your unit from heating or cooling, this problem can also lead to major mechanical damage because the low temperature and weight of the ice can warp certain components. 

Fortunately, it is possible for you to install an automatic deicer. These are devices that will monitor the exterior temperature, and when the unit is in danger of freezing, the heater will activate to melt away any ice that has formed. 

Your home's heating, cooling and ventilation system is one of the most valuable and complex components of the structure. Yet, many new homeowners have little idea of how to address some common issues that can develop with these units. Understanding what a pool of water under the unit means and the steps you can take to prevent ice from forming on it will help you to ensure your home stays comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

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