How To Repair Your HVAC On Your Own

Air conditioning and heating bills are obviously a major monthly expenses for most households. Luckily, you can curtail the costs of your HVAC system by regularly checking and maintaining it. This article will explain 3 basic check ups that could instantly increase the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioning units. You should make these repairs before you call an HVAC service specialist.

Check your Furnace Filter

Checking and replacing your furnace filter is very easy. Most filters can be accessed without any tools. They are usually behind a hinged panel that you simply need to slide open. The filters are flat and large -- about the size of a pizza box. If you notice that your filter has dust caked up on it, you should replace it immediately. Take the old filter to the store to make sure you get the exact replacement.

Clean your Registers and Ducts

The vents on air conditioning registers often get clogged because of accumulation of normal household dust. If registers are kept closed for a long time, the dust can get lodged inside the vents. The only way to thoroughly clean clogged vents is to remove them from the wall. Wipe them down on both sides. You may also use a pressurized air can to spray the dust that is lodged in between thin vents. While your vents are removed from the wall, you should take a look deep inside your ducts to ensure that there is no serious dust build up on the sidewalls. If you notice dust deep within your vents, you should probably call in an HVAC contractor to take a closer look.

Clean off your Compressor Coils

Another very easy and effective way to increase the efficiency of your AC unit is to clean it. The compressor coils usually line all four exterior walls of most AC units. These can get easily clogged and blocked with dirt and leaves. Exterior air is sucked into the unit through the compressor coils, so it is important that you keep them clean. The best way to clean the compressor coils is to spray them down with a hose. Just be sure that your unit is unplugged before you do this.

These three simple repairs could instantly increase the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. They could even help you save a little bit of cash on your monthly bills. Make these repairs and then still remember to contact a professional HVAC contractor, such as A Absolute Plumbing & Heating, to fully service your system.

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