Air Conditioning And Dry Skin: The Connection And What You Can Do About It

Approximately two-thirds of residences and most businesses have air conditioning, which means you may find yourself in an air conditioned space for the majority of the summer. While air conditioning keeps you cool, calm and collected, it's not so nice to your skin. This is especially true if you already have dry skin or another skin condition, such as eczema. Following are just a few reasons why air conditioning makes your skin feel dry.      

Cold Breeze

If you sit near an air conditioning vent, you will likely feel a cool breeze rushing over your skin. While the sensation is lovely, the cold air can zap moisture from your skin. So if you notice that your skin itches and flakes more in the summer time, pay attention to how much time you spend in front of an air conditioning vent. If you can't move to a different spot in the room, try to set the thermostat on a higher setting, so the air won't blow on you as often. At the very least, purchase a good moisturizer and apply it several times throughout the day.  

Moisture Removal

Air conditioners help keep you comfortable by removing some of the humidity from the air. Unfortunately, some units remove too much moisture, which can leave you with dry, flaky and cracked skin. Optimal humidity levels in a home hovers at approximately 50 percent during the summer months. If your level is below this, have your air conditioner serviced. It may need tweaked or fixed. You may also want to look into having a humidifier placed on your unit. If you don't want to pay for a service call right now, you can use portable humidifiers temporarily to keep your home environment from drying out your skin. 

Allergen Distribution

Your air conditioner may blow dust and allergens around your home if you don't change your furnace filter regularly and keep your ductwork clean. In addition to developing a rash, you may notice that your skin becomes irritated, dry and itchy after it comes into contact with dust and allergens. The best way to combat dust and allergens is to use a furnace filter that will trap them. 

Cold air can zap the moisture right out of your skin. To keep your skin looking great during the summer months, turn up your thermostat, humidify your home, and change your furnace filter regularly (contact a local air conditioning service for further assistance). Your skin will thank you for it. 

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