Two Failing Furnace Signs You Don't Want To Overlook

During the winter, the idea of your furnace going out isn't exactly the type of scenario you want to find yourself experiencing. Some homeowners overlook the fact that avoiding this type of catastrophe isn't exactly a hard thing to do, if you know what to look for. There are a number of telltale signs that can alert you that it might be time to consider a furnace replacement. Here are just a handful of the signs you want to watch out for.

Excessive Dust

Does it seem that you are having to dust your home more frequently than normal? If so, your furnace could be to blame. Furnaces don't just keep your home warm, but they also help clean and moisturize the warm air that is dispersed throughout your home. When a furnace gets old, it isn't as effective at cleaning and moisturizing the air. This causes the number of airborne particles found in the air to increase, leading to greater dust accumulation.

If you're changing your filters on a regular basis and are still having issues with excessive dust, it's time to take a look at your furnace. In addition to dust collection, allergens like pet dander and pollen can also flow throughout your home in excessive amounts, acting as a major irritant for allergy sufferers in your home.

Energy Bill Increases

If you haven't made any major changes to the way you use energy in your home, such as installing new electronic devices or turning your thermostat up, an old furnace could be to blame. As furnaces get older, the level of efficiency at which they operate begins to decline. When it comes to energy use, the less efficient a piece of machinery operates, the more energy it consumes, leading to higher usage costs.

Instead of simply paying for this wasted energy, consider having an energy audit to see if your old furnace is to blame. Although a new furnace does come with a significant initial cost, replacing a furnace that's only operating at 80 percent efficiency with one that operates at 96 percent can save you 20 percent on your energy bill.

The more time you spend paying attention to the signs that your furnace may need to be replaced, the less likely you are to spend a cold winter night without heat.  Make sure you're keeping your eyes and ears open to the warning signs, so that you can call on an HVAC professional promptly for assistance.

For more information, talk to a professional company such as Butler Heating & Air.

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