Foul Odors From Air Ducts: Signs That Maintenance Is Needed

Are there long waits to get warm or cold air each time you have the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system on? Although many things can cause system inefficiency, you may be dealing with a problem that requires a repair to the air ducts. Discover a few of the things that point to a problem with the air duct system, as well as what an HVAC contractor might charge to make repairs. 

What are the Signs of a Needed Air Duct Repair?

The first sign that your air ducts are in need of maintenance is when a foul odor is always around when the HVAC system is running. The odor is a sign that there is something in the air duct system that is in need of being cleaned out. A foul odor in air ducts is often caused due to there being rodent carcasses in them. The droppings from rodents can also contribute to the odor that you smell. A contractor can look deep within the ducts to find out if rodents are the problem, but you might also want to hire an exterminator to get rid of any that are still living in your house.

The inefficiency of the HVAC system is another sign that the air ducts might need maintenance. The level of air that you get in your house relies a lot on how well it can flow through the air ducts. Air flow can be compromised when there are rodents, trash, or an accumulation of dirt in the ducts. It is also possible that the ducts are not tightly assembled, which can lead to a lot of air getting out through cracks before properly flowing out of the vents. A contractor will let you know if you need the air ducts cleaned; or if you need to invest in new ducts altogether.

What Does Professional Air Duct Maintenance Cost?

The price for a professional to clean your air duct system is based on how complex the task is. For instance, some large homes have more than one system of ducts, which requires more labor. You are looking to spend at least $400 or more for professional air duct cleaning. The overall price can be $1,000 on the highest in of the scale, which is usually when there are multiple duct systems in a house. Get maintenance done on your air ducts as soon as you can! Contact local professionals, such as those from Jackson Heating & Cooling, for further assistance.

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