Fleet Fueling Delivery Service With A Dual Purpose: How This Helps Your Drivers Out Of A Double Jam

As HVAC contractors who both need fuel to run fleet trucks and fuel to get customers' heating needs, you know how important it is to have both your trucks' fuel tanks filled and have heating fuel tanks on the trucks filled. To accomplish both of these tasks every day and not have to wait for the trucks to be ready and on the road, it almost has to be done at the end of every shift at night or have your drivers come in two or three hours earlier every morning. That is money you cannot get back. Instead, consider fleet fueling delivery service that can do both of these tasks before your drivers come in to work in the morning and when they are on the road. Here is how that works.

Overnight Filling and Fueling

As you and your drivers are busily resting up for another busy day, the filling and fueling company sends several trucks out to take care of your vehicles. The heating oil trucks fill up your tankers while the diesel or standard gas trucks fill up your trucks' gas tanks. You do have to leave your trucks out and parked where they can be accessed by the fuel delivery company, but then your drivers can come into work and immediately get started the next day.

Fueling and Filling While on the Road

As your drivers go about their day, they can call in an order for gas to fuel their vehicles or call in for refills in the tankers. They notify the delivery company what their next stops are, and the fuel delivery company meets your drivers at their next stop. While your drivers are making their rounds and deliveries and fixing heating and cooling problems, the delivery company is making sure your drivers can continue on their routes with only very minor delays. So long as your drivers are keeping abreast of both kinds of fuel on and in their vehicles, they will not run out of either before returning in their trucks at the end of the business day.

Emergency Deliveries

If your drivers are on point, they can keep their trucks going and keep the fuel coming. However, there may be leaks in a fuel line or problems with the gauges that register full tanks when the truck is actually quite drained. If that happens, your drivers may have an emergency fuel situation. No problem—a fuel delivery service can and usually does meet your driver and the truck wherever he or she has pulled over to wait.

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