Basic Tips On Inspecting Your Home's Air Conditioning & Heating HVAC System

Before summer season begins, consider having your central air & heating HVAC system inspected. This will ensure that it remains in operating order and possibly avoid any major repairs, that may occur from not having it checked regularly. There are certain things you should ensure have been checked during the inspection, which includes the thermostat, blower components, and condensation drain. The information listed below provides several tips on what should be inspected and checked on your HVAC unit.

Inspecting The Operating Controls and Thermostat

The thermostat and operating controls located on the HVAC unit should be looked over to check that the starting cycle is operating efficiently. If the HVAC system doesn't start right up as it should, it's possible that the problem is a fuse blown or there is something wrong with the power unit. All HVAC fuses and switches should be evaluated at this point to verify they are working properly. In addition, there could be a tripped circuit breaker in your electric panel or a blown thermostat.

Inspecting The HVAC Connectors

There are electrical connections attached to the central air conditioning system. These electrical connections should be inspected to verify that there are no loose connectors and that the wires haven't started to unravel or become frayed. Seal bearings keep your connectors from drying out and wires from becoming frayed. If your HVAC unit connectors such as the fan, belt, and motor are not equipped sealed bearings, you will need to ensure that they stay lubricated to prevent faulty electrical connections.

Inspecting The Condensation Drain

The condensation drain works to prevent excess moisture from building up in your home due to high humidity levels. When the condensation drain is is clogged with debris, it doesn't drain properly and can cause water to leak from the unit as well. It is essential that this is kept clean to prevent the overflowing of water, which can cause extensive water damage in your home if it's not caught in time.

Inspecting Your Evaporator And Coils Check

Filters are not the only thing on the HVAC central air conditioning unit that should be changed. You should have the coils checked and cleaned of all lint and other debris. This is because if the coils are clogged, it can block the cool air from flowing through the air ducts. The dirt blocks the venting system, which can further cause the motor to break-down and stop working altogether.

Consult with an HVAC air conditioning contractor if you are unsure how to perform your own maintenance inspection. Contact a company like C & D Cooling & Heating Co for more info.

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