Four Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Central Air Conditioning

Air conditioning makes your home far more livable in the summer. But how can you be sure you're getting the most out of this unit? Here are some tips to make sure your home is cooled as completely as possible without using more energy than necessary.

Close doors between the upstairs and downstairs.

Hot air rises. If you leave doors between your upstairs and downstairs open, heat will just accumulate upstairs as the downstairs gets cooler and cooler. Close the doors, and your home will cool more effectively -- so you don't have to keep turning that thermostat lower and lower to get your bedroom comfortable.

Change your filter often.

Your air conditioner has to push air through the air filter and into the ducts. If the air filter is clogged with debris, pushing this air through it gets more difficult. Your air conditioner is put under extra strain, and it may not even cool your home as fully. Change your filter once a month for best results. If you keep a stack of spare filters on hand, you're less likely to forget.

Keep the area around your outdoor unit clear.

The outdoor portion of your air conditioner requires good air circulation to function well. If it's surrounded by bushes, shrubs, or other structures, it may not cool your home as effectively. So keep your shrubs and bushes well trimmed, and if you ever see any leaves or brush blown up against your air conditioner, take a few minutes to clear them away. Also, avoid building a structure around your AC unit to hide it. This might make your yard more attractive, but it will also keep the air conditioner from functioning well as it blocks airflow.

Don't open your windows.

Air conditioners work, in part, by removing moisture from the air. When your air is less humid, it feels a lot cooler. As soon as you open your windows, you let moisture back into your home and force your AC system to start this whole process again. So once the AC is on for the season, leave your windows shut. Make sure you also close the door promptly behind yourself when you come or go.

For more advice on getting the most out of your air conditioner, reach out to an HVAC contractor from a company like Shivani Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. They might be able to give you some tips that are specific to the layout of your home or the exact style of air conditioner you own.

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