3 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your HVAC System

In order to keep your home at the right temperature throughout the year, you need to take proper care of your HVAC system throughout the year. It can be easy to keep your HVAC system in good shape if you engage in simple steps to take care of your HVAC system.

1. Clean the Air Filter

The first thing that you need to do in order to take good care of your HVAC system is take care of the air filter. If you use your system on a continuous basis, the air filter is going to get clogged up frequently. How often your air filter needs cleaned to operate as effectively as possible depends upon the air quality in your area as well as how much you use your HVAC system. The best way to figure out how often your air filter needs to be cleaned is by checking your air filter at least once a month to see how dirty it is. This will help you learn how often your air filter really needs to be cleaned.

Depending on your system, you are either going to have air filters that you are going to have to replace with new filters, or you are going to have air filters that you can clean.

2. Check the Vents

Second, you are going to want to keep the vents inside of your house clear of obstructions. Remove any furniture or other items that are obstructing the flow of your vents. Take the covers off your vents and wash the covers on the vents. This will help keep the air that you breathe nice and clean.

3. Clear the Outside Unit

Third, you need to take some time to take care of the outside component of your HVAC unit. First, you need to clear the area around the HVAC unit. Pull up any weeds that are growing near your HVAC unit. Trim away any branches from nearby bushes, shrubs, and trees that are growing near the unit. You don't want any branches that are close enough to hit the unit or that are close enough to obstruct airflow around the unit.

Clear the unit off. To clear the unit off, power it down and then spray the unit down with a pressure washer or hose with a spray attachment. This is a great way to keep your unit clean. If your outside unit is not covered at all, you may want to put a cover over the top of it. The cover should be open-air, in order to allow the air to flow freely around the unit. A cover will help protect your unit from debris, rain, and snow, and will help keep your unit cool.

Taking these simple steps, cleaning the air filter, checking the vents, and cleaning the outside unit, are three simple steps you can take that will improve the performance and care of your HVAC unit. For more information, contact your local heating repair service. 

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