3 Vital Air Conditioning Components

Addressing performance issues with your air conditioner quickly can help you avoid serious mechanical malfunctions. In order to identify problems as soon as possible, you need to have a basic understanding of how your air conditioning system works.

There are three vital components that work together to help cool your home. Learn more about these components so that you can provide better care for your air conditioner in the future.

1. Compressor

The compressor can be likened to the heart of your air conditioning system. Refrigerant is pumped through the various components within the AC unit by the compressor. Without refrigerant, the AC unit would be unable to produce cool air to circulate through your home.

The compressor is typically located in a condensing unit outside your home. This makes it easy to overlook routine maintenance that can keep your compressor running efficiently. Take the time to clean dirt and debris from the unit often, and check for refrigerant leaks regularly.

2. Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil plays an integral role in the cooling process. Refrigerant in its gaseous state is pumped into the evaporator coil by the compressor. The refrigerant cools the coil. Warm air passes over the cooled coil, which results in a drop in air temperature. This cool air is then circulated throughout your home.

The evaporator coils can develop leaks over time. It's also possible for ice to form on the exterior surface of the evaporator coils when your air conditioner isn't functioning properly. The evaporator coil is located in the outdoor condensing unit. Take the time to check the coil for leaks or ice buildup often to prevent a major malfunction.

3. Condenser

Most modern air conditioner systems feature a condenser. This component helps to facilitate the cooling process by transforming refrigerant from a liquid to a gas.

As the refrigerant becomes gaseous, it becomes cool. The resulting cooled mist is used to lower the temperature of the evaporator coil. It's within the condenser that the cooling process becomes possible.

Any problems that arise in the condenser will render your air conditioning system useless. Have an experienced HVAC service technician evaluate the condition of your condenser during a yearly inspection to avoid a total breakdown.

The major components that power your air conditioning system require routine maintenance to function properly. When you understand how these components work, you can identify potential problems early and avoid a costly air conditioning breakdown.

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