4 Signs You Need A New Furnace

Ensuring the interior of your home is heated and comfortable, especially during the cooler seasons, is essential. Unfortunately, without a properly working furnace, heating your home will not be possible. While meant to stand the test of time, your furnace is not going to last forever. Therefore, a replacement will be in your future. This guide will help you learn the signs that it is time to replace your furnace.

1. It Is Just Time

If your furnace seems to be working somewhat well, but you know that it is approaching a certain age, consider replacing it so you can reduce the risk of your family being without heat. Each make and manufacturer of furnaces have their own expected lifespan. In addition, the overall lifespan of your heating and cooling equipment may vary because of maintenance and overall use. However, if your furnace is at or past 15 years of age, it is most likely time to replace it.

2. Utility Bills Increasing

Your furnace relies on some sort of utility to heat the home. Whether it operates off of electricity or gas, an unexplained increase in your utility bills could be a sign your furnace is starting to fail. Older furnaces are not designed to heat in the most energy or fuel-efficient manner possible. A newer furnace may be an expense, but it can reduce utility costs, making it a great investment. Also, older furnaces or furnaces that are damaged are most likely using wasting energy or fuel. This waste not only affects the furnace's ability to heat, but it also increases your utility costs.

3. Loud Noises

All types of equipment and machinery will make some noise when in operation. Unfortunately, excessively-loud noises are not normal and should be addressed by your heating repair specialist. Popping, grinding, banging, rattling, or squealing all indicate the system is in distress. The noises may stem from a minor issue, such as a loose screw or a piece of debris inside the furnace, or something more major, such as a failing motor, which would warrant a more involved repair. If you are hearing any abnormal noises, shut off your furnace and contact a professional to inspect the system immediately.

4. Dry, Dusty Home

Your heating and cooling systems not only heat and cool; they also condition the air, making it comfortable for you and your family. If your home feels dry and it appears dusty, your furnace is not working properly. Ductwork may need to be replaced, or you may require a completely new furnace if the technician finds damage to the system. In some cases, replacing your filters could solve the problem.

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