Create A Healthy Home And Cooling System With These Air Conditioning Tips

Living a healthy lifestyle begins with having a clean indoor environment and a strong cooling system. But if your air ducts and air conditioning system lack the proper maintenance, your home could quickly become a stifling, unhealthy mess. Learn how you can create a healthy home with the air conditioning tips below.

Keep Your Air Ducts in Pristine Condition

Whether you know it or not, your air ducts can make your house feel healthy or unhealthy throughout the year. Air ducts can harbor piles of debris, including pet dander, human hair, and dust mites. Ducts can spread contaminants all over your home. Some of these contaminants can make you very sick.

Stuffy air ducts can also place unnecessary stress on your air conditioning system. If your cooling units can't process air properly, they can freeze, overheat, or break down. Your repair expenses could hit you in the wallet this summer.

If you keep your air ducts clean, you can improve your home's indoor air and prevent unnecessary repairs for your cooling system. Take a damp rag and wipe down the insides of your air ducts. If possible, use a small vacuum to clear away stuck on debris. After you clean your air ducts, have your entire cooling system monitored and maintained by a professional HVAC contractor.

Monitor and Maintain Your Cooling System

You should professionally monitor, maintain, and clean your cooling units every six months, or twice a year. You can tackle the job yourself, but you might miss things that require repairs, such as a broken refrigerant line or loose compressor wire. An HVAC contractor can check your indoor and outdoor cooling units for anything that might place them at risk for failure this season.

In addition to finding hidden cooling problems, a contractor can clean out the casings that house your units. The indoor air handler that stores your evaporator coil can rust without the proper care. The outdoor unit's pad can also crack or collapse during the year. A damaged pad can cause the unit to topple over or sink during an intense storm or when the soil wears away beneath it. A contractor can level the pad or replace it, if needed.

After a professional takes care of your HVAC units and their components, they can place you on a regular maintenance schedule that fits your residential needs. 

For more maintenance services or repairs, contact residential AC services near you today.

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