Why Fixing Your Own Furnace Is a Bad Idea

If you consider yourself a savvy handyman around your home, you might find it challenging and rewarding to make minor repairs or even build things for your home. There are certain repairs that should be left to professionals with proper license or certification credentials. Your HVAC system is a system that requires special consideration when repairs are needed.

There are some simple things you may be able to safely complete such as changing your air filters. However, other issues that require attention such as a furnace breakdown do not need to be addressed by laypersons. The following points will help you understand why performing your own furnace repairs is a bad idea.

Warranty Issues

If your furnace is still under warranty, you could void the warranty coverage by performing your own repairs or allowing anther unlicensed person to perform them. Even if the entire furnace is not under warranty, you could void the warranty coverage on any replacement parts you may have added to the appliance. 

Safety Issues 

There are reasons why HVAC technicians are required to complete formal training and pass tests to become licensed. License renewals are also part of continuing to be a professional. These professionals will know how to avoid or reduce the chances of unsafe situations arising. A layperson could make a simple mistake during a furnace repair. Their mistakes could cause fires or gas leaks if they attempt to fix a gas furnace. 

Self-Inflicted Injuries

Professionals have access to personal protective equipment (PPE). Some of the PPE that they use is not readily available to individuals outside of their industry. This means that if you own equipment that "looks like" the equipment professionals use, it might be subpar in performance and put you at risk for injuring yourself. 


You may cause additional damages to your furnace during attempted repairs. This could mean extended periods of not having heat if the professionals busy during the height of the winter season. You may also face an issue if you damage a component of the furnace that requires sourcing a hard-to-find or obsolete part.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource if you need furnace repairs. They can offer you insight on laws in your area that may make it illegal to complete certain heating or cooling system repairs. They can also offer advice regarding steps that you can take to reduce the chances of experiencing HVAC mishaps.

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