Top Signs A Zone Assessment Might Be Needed When Installing A New Air Conditioning Unit

When installing your air conditioning unit, it might be necessary to have a zone assessment done. Basically, this means that a certified air conditioning installer will determine if multiple cooling zones need to be set up when your unit is installed. This isn't always necessary, but these are a few signs that this might be part of the pre-installation process.

You're Trading Two Units for One

In the past, many homeowners opted to purchase two air conditioning units for their homes. This is very commonly seen in two-story homes, for example, when one unit is used to cool the downstairs area and the other unit is used to cool the upstairs. Nowadays, luckily, it often isn't necessary to purchase two air conditioning units; instead, you can just purchase one bigger unit, and your air conditioning technician can set up multiple zones so that you can keep the upstairs and downstairs rooms comfortable.

If your home currently has two air conditioning units, there's a good chance that a zone assessment will be needed so that you can switch to just one unit. You'll probably find that this is a worthwhile change to make; your installation costs will probably be cheaper, and you won't have to worry about maintenance for two units.

You Have a Large Home

If you have a home with a lot of square footage, you probably want to make sure that every square foot is kept cool and comfortable during the summer months. A zone assessment can help with setting up multiple zones so that your larger home will be adequately cooled all summer long.

Your Home Has a Unique Layout

In some cases, multiple zones are needed in homes that don't have a lot of square footage. This might be the case if your home has a unique layout. An air conditioning technician can take a look at your home's floor plan and help you determine if multiple zones are needed.

You've Had Trouble With Hot and Cold Spots in the Past

With your last air conditioning unit, you might have found that you had a lot of trouble with hot and cold spots throughout your home. When your air conditioning was running, you might have found that some of the rooms in your home were very comfortable, while others might have been much hotter or much colder than the majority of the home. This can lead to some areas of your home being uncomfortably warm or cool. A zone assessment can help you ensure that your new air conditioning unit is set up in a way that prevents hot and cold spots from being a problem.

If you have additional questions, reach out to a local AC installation service.

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