You Need Air Conditioning When You Live In The Desert

If you are new to the desert region or you've always had air conditioning in the past, then you want to make sure you have AC in time for summer. If your air conditioner has broken and you are going to be facing your first summer without it or you haven't experienced a desert summer yet, then you really need to have the AC fixed or replaced. When you live in the hot desert climate, air conditioning is considered to be a necessity where it is considered to be a convenience or even a luxury in other areas that don't get very hot. If you put off getting a working air conditioning system in such a hot climate, here are some of the things that you may have to deal with once summer arrives: 

Heat exhaustion can happen inside a very hot house

If you have a baby or elderly household members, then they will have the hardest time dealing with the hot temperature and you even need to be concerned about them having heat exhaustion or being at risk of heatstroke. It's important to add that anyone of any age can still suffer from these heat-related conditions. 

If anyone in your household starts to sweat heavily, look clammy, complain of feeling dizzy, or complains of a headache, then they need to be brought into an air-conditioned area, remove heavy clothing, drink plenty of water, and lie down with their feet elevated. If you can't get them in an air-conditioned home right away, then you should go to the hospital because you won't want their condition to worsen. 

When you live in the desert where it can get to temperatures in excess of 120 degrees, you need to understand that it can be hotter than that indoors. Staying in such hot temperatures for long periods of time isn't healthy for anyone. If you have AC in the desert and it breaks, do know that this is considered an emergency, so you want to let the air conditioning company know you have no working air at all when you call so they will come right out. 

Very hot temperatures are not good for your home and belongings

Not only are those very hot temperatures bad for people and pets, but they are also bad for the house and your belongings. Some materials your furniture is made from may become brittle due to excessive dry heat, so they will easily rip. 

Valuable artwork should be another concern for you because the heat can damage some types of artwork, such as paintings. You can forget about your wax decor, candles, and crayons if you let things get too hot because they can melt or soften so they lose their shape. 


When you live in the desert, you need to get used to the fact that you don't have a choice when it comes to having air conditioning. So, if you noticed it was acting up at the end of last summer, then get it fixed before you need it. If your system needs replacing, then have it done.

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