How You Know The Compressor Of Your AC Unit Is Failing And Needs Urgent Repairs

One of the main annoyances you can experience in your home is your air conditioner failing to keep the house cool on hot days. Typically, an inadequate cool air supply from the AC system indicates an imminent system failure of one of the AC components and the need for immediate repairs. 

The air compressor is among the AC components that fail with time, rendering the AC unit inefficient and unreliable. However, by the time the air conditioner starts blowing warm air, it will have given you other failure indicators. Here are some different ways you can know that the compressor of your residential air conditioner is failing.

The System Starts Blowing Warm Air

As a homeowner, you should have a basic understanding of the main components of your air conditioner and how it works. The vents draw warm air from the house and pass it through the evaporator. The coils in the evaporator absorb the heat. The refrigerant then passes to the compressor, which then packs the refrigerant molecules closely together, forcing them to release the heat to the outside through the condenser. The cool refrigerant then returns to the evaporator, and the cycle continues. 

When the compressor starts failing, it cannot pressurize the refrigerant. As a result, most of the heat in the refrigerant stays trapped within the unit, which leads to the AC unit blowing warm air inside the house. Only a professional can check what damage might be interfering with the compressor's function and fix it.

The Compressor Starts Leaking Fluid

The typical compressor design has internal bearings. The bearings help minimize wear and tear that can result in refrigerant leakage. Usually, most AC maintenance experts recommend that the compressor should be checked every few months. The presence of puddles close to the unit indicates that your compressor is leaking refrigerant. 

Call a professional immediately you notice puddles of moisture close to your unit. The air conditioning repair technician will seal the damaged bit and refill the refrigerant. Timely repairs restore the efficiency of the unit without risking your safety.

The Unit Makes Unusual Noises

The typical AC unit operates with a muted humming sound. However, if yours has started making loud banging, squealing, rattling, and grinding noises, one of its components has developed a problem. In this case, the compressor is a likely cause, but a technician should inspect the AC unit to confirm the problem. The noises often indicate that a part of the system has come loose and is moving or vibrating as you continue operating the air conditioner. Call a professional technician to check and repair the damaged bit and restore the system's function.

The key thing is getting a competent AC technician to assess your system for damage, identify the failing part, and perform necessary repairs. Timely repairs maximize the AC unit's efficiency and improve the level of comfort inside the home. If your AC system needs repairs, you should reach out to professionals like those at A1 Zuzu Plumbing, Heating and Air.

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