4 AC Problems That May Be Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker in your AC unit is a safety switch that ensures your unit is safeguarded from damage by switching off the power in case of an overload. Therefore, in instances where your circuit breaker keeps tripping, the chances are that your AC is overheating. Here are some of the AC issues that may be causing your circuit to overload, tripping the breaker. 

1. You have a dirty air filter

Your unit has a screen that blocks debris and dirt. Unfortunately, if you don't clean this filter regularly, it will block, making your AC work twice as hard to circulate air effectively. In doing so, it draws more power, and this is what causes your circuit breaker to trip. If you suspect that the circuit breaker is tripping because of the dirty air filter, contact an experienced AC service technician to clean and replace your filters and inspect other issues.

2. An electrical short in your motor

To effectively maintain an excellent home climate, your air conditioning motor has to run throughout. But eventually, the heat from the motor may disintegrate its wire insulation, resulting in an electrical short. Following such a short circuit, more electricity flows than the capacity of the wire, which can cause your circuit breaker to trip. This is why you should hire an AC repair expert to confirm whether your motor may have caused the tripping circuit breaker.

3. Your AC is leaking refrigerant

A refrigerant is a chemical solution in your AC coils designed to keep your home's air cool. So, if you have an older unit or have skipped regular maintenance, it's bound to have corroded coils that will eventually have cracks, leading to leaking refrigerant. 

If your AC refrigerant is leaking, your unit will use more electricity to keep your home cool, and this can cause your circuit breaker to trip. While regular maintenance can help address this AC problem, a licensed air conditioning repair expert can help find and replace any leaks that might be causing the issue. 

4. A faulty capacitor

The primary role of your air conditioning capacitor is to start and keep your unit running. If you have a bad capacitor, it will pull more electricity and cause your circuit breaker to trip. Therefore, if you find that your AC has issues starting before the circuit breaks, you should immediately contact an AC service expert.

AC problems that cause your circuit breaker to trip can significantly impact the operations of your unit. Therefore, seek timely intervention from an air conditioning services provider before it leads to more problems. 

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