Hvac Repair: Common Warning Signs to Lookout For

As you exit the summer season and embrace wintertime, having a central heating, cooling, and ventilation system becomes highly essential. Every homeowner understands the essence of having a functional HVAC unit in their home. To promote the proper functioning of your unit, it is essential to carry out preventive maintenance frequently. It is futile to wait for your unit to break down before you carry out repairs. More often than not, undertaking preventive care and maintenance on your unit reduces the chances of a mechanical failure. More so, preventive maintenance saves you money. Taking care of the minor repairs prevents more extensive problems from cropping up, which would cost you a hefty sum to repair.

Here are some of the common mishaps you may encounter in your HVAC that will warrant your immediate attention:

Warm Air

If your unit is set to blow cold air and ends up emitting warm air, then you have a problem. There are a myriad of possibilities that can lead to your unit releasing warm air. For starters, you might be having a refrigerant leak, or your air filter is dirty. If you experience this problem, you need to contact air conditioner repair services to diagnose the problem correctly.

High Indoor Humidity

One of the functions of your unit is to dispel humidity from the air by collecting it from the indoor environment and releasing it as water. If you experience a stuffy or sticky feeling in your home, this means your unit's efficiency has gone down. 

High Electric Bills

As a homeowner, you probably have an idea of the average amount you spend on utility in a given period. A spike in this amount could mean that your unit is drawing in more power than it is supposed to. The temperature change can lead to a rise in your utility bills; however, the increase should not be drastic. You can consult an HVAC contractor to ascertain whether the issue stems from your unit.

Strange Noises

A well-functioning HVAC unit runs smoothly at a low sound that is barely noticeable. If you are experiencing strange noises from your unit, it could be a sign that you are in dire need of an air conditioner system repair. You can experience the noises in the form of squealing, grinding, or grating sounds. You should not take it lightly. The noises denote that there is an issue that requires repair or replacement.


As a homeowner, lowering costs in your home is essential. Undertaking preventive maintenance on your unit keeps issues such as malfunctions at bay. By engaging a competent HVAC contractor, you can get a schedule to guide you on when to maintain your system. For more information, contact a local air conditioner repair service near you to learn more.

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