How To Tell That It Is Time For Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

As a laundromat owner, it is advisable to invest in routine dryer vent cleaning to keep your machine in good working order. Clogged dryer vents are dangerous to your business because they can cause workplace fires, which may lead to property damage and injuries to your employees. Therefore, getting your commercial dryer vent cleaned regularly by a professional will not only improve your indoor air quality but will also prevent fire outbreaks. When your dryer vent is clean, your dryer will perform optimally and serve you for many years. But how will you know it is time for commercial dryer vent cleaning? Here are three signs you need to watch out for as a business owner:  

Drying Clothes Takes Longer than Usual

Something may be wrong with your dryer vent if drying your customers' clothes takes longer than usual. This problem may occur due to lint buildups in your dryer vent. When ignored, this problem may cause a drastic increase in your electricity bills. You may also lose business, especially if your customers want their clothes dried instantly. Therefore, if you notice this sign, you shouldn't hesitate to hire a professional to examine your dryer vent and perform a thorough cleaning.   

Your Dryer Is Overheating

Your dryer vent may be faulty or clogged if your dryer is overheating. An overheating dryer will make your commercial laundry room warmer than usual, which will be uncomfortable for your employees. It is an indication that lint may be trapped in your dryer vent. In such a situation, it's advisable to book an appointment as soon as possible with a commercial dryer vent cleaning service to protect your dryer from further damage.  

Strange Smells Are Coming From Your Dryer

Your commercial dryer vent may also need a professional's intervention if your dryer is emitting a strange odor. For instance, if lint is stuck in your dryer vent, your dryer may produce a burning smell when running, which poses a severe fire hazard to your business. Since lint is highly flammable, you should turn off your dryer as soon as you notice it's emitting a burning odor. After turning off your dryer, you should call a professional instantly to examine and clean your dryer vent to minimize the risk of fire outbreaks in your business. 

As a business owner, if you have not had your commercial dryer vent cleaned for a long time, it's imperative to get it cleaned by a professional as soon as possible to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and fire outbreaks in your workplace. Getting your dryer vent cleaned by an accredited and insured commercial dryer cleaning service will improve your dryer's performance and energy efficiency in your business. 

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