Uneven Room Temperatures? Potential HVAC Issues To Consider

The ability to provide even comfort throughout the home was one of the benefits homeowners were happy to welcome when modern central heating and cooling technology became a common fixture in residential housing. Unfortunately, the much more advanced heating and cooling systems of today can still struggle with uneven or fluctuating room temperatures. 

Homeowners who are currently struggling with this type of problem can use the following information to help them determine the most common HVAC repair issues that may be causing their problems with uneven room temperatures. 

System size issues 

Homeowners who have always experienced uneven heating or cooling in their current home may be dealing with an improperly sized HVAC system. In order to work efficiently and produce even, reliable comfort, HVAC components must be properly sized for the design and square footage of the home. 

If the furnace or air conditioning system is too small for the space, it will not be able to heat or cool the home to the desired comfort level, even though the system continues to operate for extended run times in an effort to do so. Conversely, HVAC components that are too big for the home will also be unable to provide even heating or cooling. Instead, components that are too large for the space will often cycle on and off too frequently, making the system unable to produce the right amount of warm or cold air.

Issues with duct size or condition

Duct size and condition can also cause heating and cooling problems that result in uneven or fluctuating temperatures in some areas of the home. If ducts are too small, the HVAC blower may not be able to force enough air through the ducts to reach all areas of the home and create comfortable, even temperatures.

Homeowners may also be dealing with uneven temperatures inside their homes with correctly sized ducts. In this scenario, a section of the duct can become damaged and collapses thus rendering it unable to allow proper airflow. Ducts can also be subject to interior clogs of dust, dirt, or debris that impede proper flow and lead to the creation of unevenly heated or cooled areas in the home. 

Room temperature and comfort issues can also be related to humidity issues, blocked vents, and other issues. To learn more about potential issues that could result in uneven heating and cooling inside your home, take time to discuss your situation with a residential HVAC contractor in your area. 

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