How To Find Out Whether It Is Time To Install A New Heating System

If your furnace malfunctions or breaks down in the middle of the winter season, you may deal with the harrowing experience of discomfort and vulnerability to illness due to cold. Your furnace may fail due to wear and tear or lose efficiency after many years of service. Accordingly, using a faulty heater may prove inefficient because it will likely consume more energy as it strains to warm your home. 

An old furnace is also prone to damage and may require frequent repairs. Therefore, it is important to understand the signs that point to your heater needing to be replaced so that it doesn't break down and leave you freezing when you need it most. The following four signs may signify that your furnace needs to be replaced:

High Utility Bills

If you notice an increase in your electric bill, the first thing you need to do is monitor your consumption. If your consumption hasn't increased, you likely have a faulty appliance, e.g., your furnace. While newer, well-maintained furnaces generally perform at peak efficiency levels, older ones may not because they lose efficiency over time. This inefficiency causes the furnace to work harder to produce the same amount of heat,  leading to higher electric bills.

Uneven Heat Distribution

If rooms in your house continue to be cold despite adjusting your thermostat, your furnace may be faulty. You may also notice significantly different temperatures in different rooms. Generally, your appliance's ability to distribute heated air may be hindered by technical factors such as a cracked heat exchanger or a faulty thermostat. It would be a good idea to hire a professional to perform an inspection and find out the root cause of the issue. Depending on their inspection results, they will then perform repairs or replacements as needed. 

A Dry and Dusty Home

If dust is prevalent in your home despite your efforts to eradicate it, your furnace may not be functioning properly. Aging heating systems lose the ability to remove airborne particles from the warmed air adequately. It may help to replace the filters and ensure that the humidifier works optimally. However, if the problem persists, the furnace's internal components may have suffered damage. If this is the case, the technician may recommend that you replace the appliance.

Frequent Need for Repairs

If your furnace is compromised, it may be straining harder to heat the house. This may cause certain parts to overheat and break down. Constant malfunctioning despite professional repairs signifies that you require a replacement. This will help save you money, inconvenience, and uncertainty. 

It is highly beneficial when warning signs of a faulty furnace are detected in good time and appropriately addressed. Take care to consult an experienced furnace professional to analyze your current furnace's condition and recommend the best replacement furnace. 

For more info about heating repair, contact a local HVAC company. 

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