Sources of AC Trouble You Should Know

If you are used to being comfortable indoors, you will find it trying to cope with a faulty AC that won't cool your home. Moreover, it can be frustrating if you cannot spot the issue or establish the cause of the malfunction. Since the AC is your comfort companion, you must contact an AC contractor to diagnose your unit, ascertain the cause of the malfunction, and fix it. Below are the likely reasons your unit is not working.

Thermostat Issues

If your thermostat is not properly calibrated, it will give your AC flawed directions, thus cooling your home insufficiently or excessively. Moreover, if the thermostat's display is off, it cannot signal the AC to turn on as the batteries powering it might be used up. Therefore, you should hire an AC repairer to clean your thermostat, replace batteries, and correct the wiring schematics for a clear display. They will also guide you in adjusting the thermostat setting to a few degrees more than the indoor temperature to prevent it from turning off.

The Condenser Unit Has Debris Build-up

Neglecting mowing your lawn can hinder airflow to your outdoor unit. If the condenser coil has debris and plant matter, heat exchange is obstructed, resulting in a unit that works harder to cool. To ensure that the condenser has sufficient airflow, call an AC expert to regularly clean the unit's fins, especially after heavy rainfall or landscaping maintenance such as mowing.

Minimal Refrigerant

The unit's refrigerant facilitates heat transfer as it passes through the evaporator coil, where it absorbs the heat. In a gaseous state, the refrigerant is transferred to the condenser and transmits heat to the outside air. If the levels are inadequate, the AC will limit cooling, leaving you with an uncomfortable indoor environment. Hire an AC contractor to regas your refrigerant to the manufacturer's specification and patch up the leaks for effective heat transfer.

Clogged Air Filter

Dirt, dust, debris, and other airborne particles accumulate over time in AC's filters, causing a blockage that restricts airflow, causing your unit to overwork. Moreover, clogged filters can incapacitate the unit due to freezing of the evaporator coils as cool air is conserved in the system. Contact your AC contractor to clean and change your filters regularly to have a constant and ample supply of air through the AC.

Proper AC maintenance is important for optimal delivery of your unit. Schedule regular AC tune-ups with an air conditioning contractor to fix any malfunctions before they render your unit inoperable.

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