A/C Services: 3 Ways to Avoid Compressor Failure

As summer ends, it can be tempting to ignore A/C unit care and maintenance. However, it's important to keep proactively caring for the equipment until you completely transition into a new season. This will ensure you can avoid last-minute air conditioner malfunctions and keep money in your pocket.

Aside from taking care of the obvious components, you should also pay attention to the operation of less conspicuous components like the compressor. After all, this is where the refrigerant is pressurized to facilitate its circulation. Read on to learn three maintenance and repair procedures A/C services can undertake to help you avoid air conditioning compressor failure.

Inspect Wiring

Loose or damaged wires are one of the most common causes of compressor failure. Thankfully, A/C technicians can fix them with a simple tightening or replacement. To ensure any faulty wires are identified early, you should commission routine equipment inspection and let your technician do the rest.

Aside from checking for loose or naked wires, your technician will also ascertain that your equipment is properly grounded. This will help to prevent electrical shorts that can damage this component.

Clear Suction Lines

One way to help prevent compressor failure is to clear the suction lines. These lines carry refrigerant and oil to the evaporator coil, and if they become clogged, it can cause the compressor to overheat and fail.

Your A/C technician will clear the suction lines on every maintenance appointment to keep the compressor in good working order and prolong its life. The professional will also check the pressure in the suction line to make sure that it isn't too high as this would cause the compressor to malfunction.

Use OEM Replacement Parts

In case one of the three basic components of the compressor sustains irreparable damage, your A/C technician will recommend OEM replacement parts that are compatible with your equipment. This will ensure that the component's operation isn't strained by a new part that's either too loose or too tight.

While original equipment manufacturer parts cost a little more expensive than generic parts, the investment is worthwhile because they have the same specifications as the parts that came with the air conditioner. This means they will fit correctly and work properly, helping extend the air conditioner's life.

Air conditioning compressor failure can be costly and inconvenient. Thankfully, by engaging a technician to help you keep the component in good working order, you can avoid many potential compressor malfunctions.

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