Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioner In The Fall

Was your air conditioner acting a little strange towards the end of the summer? You may have breathed a sigh of relief on the first cool day, grateful that you could now put off worrying about it until next spring. This is one approach, but it is not the only approach. You can instead contact an HVAC contractor and make plans to have your AC unit replaced this fall. Here are some reasons why this approach is best.

You'll be able to turn your AC on, whenever needed, next spring

It's hard to know when, exactly, it will get warm again. Some years, the warm weather comes sooner than others. If you keep your old AC unit through the winter and spring comes early, you may find yourself without good cooling on those first hot days. On the other hand, if you replace your AC unit now, you will be equipped for the hot weather whenever it decides to return. This is a great comfort when the temperature soars unexpectedly.

You'll have an easier time scheduling it

HVAC contractors are not doing a lot of AC replacements in the fall. As such, they should have an easier time scheduling your replacement. They can often be more flexible in working around your work schedule and other obligations. If you wait until the spring when everyone else is replacing their AC units, too, you might not have much choice of days and times. 

You might get a discount

AC manufacturers upgrade their models from time to time. They usually do this at the beginning of a new year. If the manufacturer you're thinking of buying from is getting ready to release a new model, then they might mark down the old models. You could get an AC for less this fall; you'd pay more for a new model next spring.

You can have your heating equipment looked over at the same time

If you have an HVAC contractor come to replace your AC this fall, you can ask them to inspect and maintain your heating equipment at the same time. This will keep your heating equipment working well through the winter, and without you having to make a separate appointment.

If you need a new AC unit, consider taking care of that ASAP, rather than waiting until spring. You can at least get an estimate and use that to inform your decision. 

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