Key Factors That Affect Furnace Repair Costs

When your furnace starts to malfunction, it won't be easy to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. Besides, the unit's efficiency and life span will be affected if you don't get furnace repair service immediately. So, it's crucial to act fast and ensure the experts fix the damages as soon as possible. 

However, most homeowners don't seek the service immediately because they aren't sure about the repair expenses. While it is true that furnace repairs can spring unplanned expenses on your budget, you shouldn't avoid the repairs. Knowing the key factors affecting repair expenses can help you budget properly. Below are the aspects that can minimize or increase furnace repair costs.

Type of Service 

One of the factors technicians consider before giving a furnace repair quote is the service cost. Usually, they charge a service and labor fee. The service fee covers the inspection and diagnostics that allow the technician to determine the kind of problem they need to fix. 

In some instances, the technicians can waive the service charges and only ask for the repair costs if the heating unit only needs repairs. So, depending on your service provider, the total price of fixing the furnace may only include the service fee.

Warranty Agreement

If the sale warranty period hasn't lapsed, it can cover all or part of the furnace repair costs. The manufacturers can send a technician to fix the furnace, and you won't pay, provided the warranty agreement covers the problem. 

But, if the warranty agreement isn't valid, maybe because professionals didn't install your furnace or the unit hasn't received proper maintenance for a long duration, you will have to bear the repair costs. So, talk to local HVAC technicians about the details and extent of the warranty to determine how the payments will be made after repairs.

Damaged Components

Once certain parts of the furnace are damaged, they will need replacement during the repairs. The cost of acquiring these components usually affects the overall repair cost and may vary depending on the market prices. 

For instance, if the start valve or draft inducer is damaged, the repair costs will increase. Items like the flame sensor, blower motor, heat exchanger, and pressure sensor cost less, so the repair costs will be lower. Note that the more parts you need to replace, the higher the repair costs.

In most cases, older furnaces require more component replacements, increasing the repair costs. You may need to consider replacing the entire heater to reduce the maintenance costs over the years.

Contact a local HVAC company, such as Roth Heating & Air Conditioning, to learn more. 

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