2 Advantages Of Having A Mini-Split Air Conditioning System Installed For Your Older Home

If you live in an older home that was built before there were any central air conditioning systems available, you may have had to rely on fans and window units to keep your house cool in the summertime. While you may be considering having central air installed, you may be hesitant because the walls and floors were not for the inclusion of extensive ductwork.

You may also be concerned that central air may dramatically increase your energy bills for the old house. Instead of a central air conditioning unit, you may want to consider the advantages of having a mini-split air conditioning system installed for your older home.

1. System Does Not Require Installing Ductwork, Eliminating the Need to Tear into Your Old Home's Walls and Floors

One advantage of having a mini-split A/C system installed in your old house is that it does not require ductwork. Unlike a central air conditioner, the mini-split system utilizes an outdoor unit that sends refrigerant through small copper tubing into the units inside each room.

When the system is installed, only small holes need to be drilled into the walls and floors, which eliminates the need to tear into them. The installation of the mini-split system has less of an impact on your house's structural integrity than the impact of cutting into the walls and installing ductwork.

2. System Allows for Precise Temperature Controls for Each Room or Area, Helping to Increase Your Home's Comfort Level

Another advantage of having a mini-split system instead of a central A/C installed in your house is that it allows you to precisely control the temperatures in each room or area of your house. With a central system, the thermostat controls the temperature of the entire house, making it work harder to keep all areas cool and increasing electrical usage.

However, with a mini-split system, a unit is installed in each room or area, which is controlled using its own thermostat. Because you can set temperatures in each room individually, this helps to cut back on the energy pull of the system, helping to decrease monthly energy costs.

If you do not want to go through the process of having ductwork installed in your older home and risk adversely impacting its structural integrity, you should consider having a mini-split A/C system installed. This type of system also allows you to precisely control the temperature in each room or area to help increase the house's comfort level while keeping your monthly energy bills lower. For more information, contact an HVAC contractor in your area who offers air conditioning installation services.

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